Who is Alaina Marie Mathers? Unknown facts about Eminem’s daughter

Alaina Marie Mathers made headlines when the world’s renowned rapper Eminem adopted her when she was in her tender age. Eminem’s then-wife Kimberly Scott adopted Alaina from Kim’s twin sister Dawn Scott due to some reasons. She was raised by the couple but soon Eminem got her full custody when the couple separated due to divorce. There a lot of unknown facts that Eminem’s fans want to know about his adopted daughter including her personal and private life. Take a look through her life’s biography and some notable facts about Alaina Mathers.

Who is her biological Parent?

As most of the people know that she is adopted daughter of the famous rapper but no one knows about her biological parents. She was born to Dawn Scott who was the twin sister of Eminem’s then-wife Kim Scott. Her mother was just 18 years old when Alaina was born in 1993. Her birth name was Amanda Marie Scott rather than Alaina Marie Mathers. Yet her mom, Dawn Scott couldn’t identify her father in her life. Her mother started to take drugs due to poverty and depression when Alaina was a kid. Eventually, she passed away due to heroin overdosing a couple of years ago in Warren.

Adopted By Kim Scott & Eminem

Her mother was drug addicted and her addiction went worse that compelled her sister to take care of her daughter because she was not able to do the same. In the mid-2000s, Kimberly Scott and Eminem adopted her for the sake of a better upbringing. Eminem tried his best to keep her far away from the influence of Dawn Scott due to her drug addiction. He changed her name and grew up along with his children. But Kim Scott and Eminem got a divorce again after their second marriage and Eminem took the full custody of Alaina. Despite her tragic past, she is living comfortably with Eminem and his daughters Hailie and Whitney. Eminem loves her and mentioned her in his blockbuster songs such as Mockingbird.

Alcoholic Grandfather:

Her maternal grandparents were Casimer Sluck and Kathleen Sluck but her granny got divorced from her grandfather due to his alcoholic abuse. Her granny (Kathleen Sluck) married with other man but he was also an alcoholic. Her step-grandfather used to abuse her mother and aunt that became the reason for their escape from home. Later, her mother settled at Eminem’s house with her aunt in Detriot.

Personal Life

Alaina made headlines in the tabloids when her photos leaked on Instagram with her alleged boyfriend. But she never talked about the guy whom she was dating in the public as she is secretive about her private life. However, his biological father is not known to the world, she has great influence on her foster father Eminem. But she dislikes providing the insights into her personal life unlike her younger sister Hailie Jade Mathers.

Net Worth

However, she has a low profile life but she is enjoying the colossal fortune of her father. Eminem’s estimated net worth is $200 million while her mother Kim Scott has $2 million net worth.


Despite being a star kid, Alaina Marie Mathers has been keeping a low profile since her teenage and has kept her career private. She is 25 years old beautiful girl and has been attending the University of Oakland.