Tommy’s Superfoods Company Reaches One Million Customers Just by Using Branded Hashtag Campaign

Tommy’s Superfoods was created in 2014. They only sold frozen and seasoned vegetables but as you may already know, any new business company in the consumer goods section will find it to be difficult to be a noticeable corporation next to other thousands of companies that already have a name in the market with their quality products.

It was necessary for them to find a way to increase the recognition and loyalty of their brand at the same time. They launched a campaign on the social media which got them over a million people following their brand on Instagram. Following are the steps like getting followers and others they took to reach this mark in their campaign.

Creating a Hashtag Campaign

First off Tommy’s Superfoods reached out to the Road Warrior Creative which is an organization that has a specialization in social media advertising and food. Together they created a campaign with the hashtag – #ThinkVeggiesFirst – which mainly focused on telling and advising people to start each of their meal by eating the vegetables first, as a hale and hearty method of eating. They then decided to make this campaign as a challenge that would last for a month. In this challenge people would have to eat vegetables only all day for a whole month, no exceptions even for breakfast. They said that they made their hashtag a movement so that more people could engage with it and join in and participate in it. They also provided their customers who joined in their movement through email a free printable meal planner and free coupons for their products.

Raising Awareness for the Campaign

Now that the hashtag and the campaign were all planned out, all they had to do was to raise awareness towards their campaign and their company to drive more traffic and customers to their page. They took inspiration from other similar campaigns and started work on their own.

Content Planning for the Consumers

Next up they started publishing blogs and posts on their social media pages, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. The Road Warrior Creative created a bunch of emails which they would send to their subscribers who took part in the challenge. These emails mainly focused on helping the new customers with their 28 day challenge by sending them helpful tips and sharing unique and fun veggie recipes and ideas for meals half way through their challenge to keep things fresh for them and make it a bit easier for the newcomers with their challenge.

Recognition through Organic and Paid Ads

Paid ads on the social media also played a great part in helping with the campaign. The Road Warrior Creative created a diverse audience from ads on Facebook. They targeted people who were already interested in healthy and vigorous eating through research. They mentioned that their biggest success on the social media platforms for their campaign came because of ads on Facebook. They also noted that people often engaged more with their hashtag and their campaign through video ads rather than normal image ads.