Optimizing the Content According to the Age Group

When it comes to marketing it is essential for the users to specify the content to the targeted group for the best results. The group can be made on different basis like age, gender, region, interests etc. This article will focus on the age groups that how can the users optimize their content for targeting the age groups. Knowing your audience needs is the first priority for the marketers when they are thinking of creating a marketing campaign of a certain product or service for their brand or business.

The first thing to look at is the age group. People who are born in the range of 1946 to 1964 are known as the baby boomers. According to this age group population is almost 74 million in which 57% use the social media platform and 64% use the mobile phones. This stat alone can help the marketers to understand the market which may help them to optimize their content. There are 31.9 million users on Facebook belonging to this age group and consider this platform as their favourite social media platform. There are different studies that support the attention span of the people belonging to this age group. This shows that the people of this age group prefer the article which are up to the 300 words. When it comes to videos baby boomers prefer slow videos which are able to convey maximum information. The Facebook optimized content is about 57% in which the people of this age group goes to the official website after seeing an article or ad of that company in the social media. 37% of this makes the purchase.

Another age group is the Generation X which ranges from people born in 1965 to 1980. 66 million people belong in this age group in the US. 85% of it use the smart phones and from which 75 % use the social media platforms. For this generation there are 45 million Facebook users and 23.5 million followers. These users prefer 30 seconds videos which shows the short attention span. The 48% of these users are more likely to buy anything when the official website of the company provides an instructional video of that specific product.

The third age group is the Millennials. People born from 1981 to 1996 belong to this age group. 92% of this group use the smart phones and 85% of it use the social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the favourite social media platforms. There are 59 million Facebook users and 43 million Instagram users. Two out of three belonging to the Millennial age group prefer online shopping. People from this age group prefer 10 second ad videos and are more likely to buy something when the content is interactive. 77% of this age group prefers information provided from emails.

The last age group is the Generation Z which ranges from 1997 to 2012. 95% of the 60 million population in US use the smart phones. Instagram and Snapchat are the favourite social media platforms with 73% of Instagram users and 69% Snapchat users. Online video ads and digital marketing is preferred for this age group.