Introduction of New Features in the Facebook Messenger

New Features:

Facebook has introduced many new features in this year and has also launched new features at the end of the year by introducing new camera tools to Facebook Messenger. These camera tools are Boomerang and Selfie Mode. These features will allow the users to create Boomerang videos which they could do it with Instagram and now the users are able to do it with the Facebook Messenger app. Selfie Mode is also introduced into the social media platform which will allow the users to capture good pictures in the Selfie mode. Along with these features the social media platform also introduced some new stickers with the help of augmented reality. These stickers can be easily added through the Facebook Messenger application.


Facebook is making its other platform to be expanded more and more. The Facebook Messenger application was just for the communication purposes or in other words it was a SMS app but now there are many features introduced which makes this app as a proper social media platform. Users are able to post stories, play games, take pictures with various camera tools Facebook has kept itself as the major player in the e-commerce system that is why this social media platform is expanding its’ platforms by introducing new and some common features which you will find in other social media platforms. Facebook is using itself, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger to make it a competitive market for advertisements and marketing for brands and businesses of any size and influence.

The reason behind expanding the platforms to make them standalone as the social media platform is that Facebook is running out of space to incorporate its ads for the brands and businesses. Facebook is highly invested into the e-commerce system. Facebook and Amazon are going head to head when it comes to influence in the e-commerce system, advertisement and marketing. Facebook is now a social media platform that is improving itself and its platforms to gain more and more market related to any thing. Just like the digital video marketing, Instagram followers, in fact, Facebook surpassed the number of users than the YouTube.

It shows that the Facebook has taken a major part in all the types of marketing by adapting its platforms to the latest technological features such as the Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence etc. These features played a vital role in changing the dynamics of the e-commerce system which allowed Facebook and other social media platform to jump in and take advantage of the major social media market and e-commerce. Each platform of Facebook has the right number of audience which up to the billion mark. This type of audience makes the social media platform as one of the best social media platform out there when it comes to social media marketing for the brands and businesses. It plays as e-commerce system through which the users can take advantage of the efficiency of the system and also of the latest technology that has been incorporated within the system.