Everything you need to know about the IVF process

There are times in our life when we feel helpless and also when we are left to feel hopeless as well. Some of these situations may include the extremely emotional parts of our life, such as when we are trying for a baby but the doctors tell us that it is not possible for us. We are left shattered in our own bubble of disbelief. But luckily now, medical scientists and doctors have developed the cure for such sad couple, something known as the IVF, also known as In-vitro fertilization.

What is In-Vitro Fertilization?

Specialized IVF doctors in Kanpur have also made IVF possible for parents who had previously lost all hope. For couples who are unable to conceive, in-nitro fertilization works wonders for them. As in natural condition, the fertilization of a female egg is done by a sperm cell inside the body of the female, however when that is not possible, this exact fertilization is able to take place outside the human body, in a test tube. After the fertilization has taken place, the IVF doctors place these fertilized cells into the female body where it is then nurtured as natural as any other method.

In-Vitro mainly refers to the surrounding condition in which this fertilization takes place, in this case, it literally means ‘outside the human body’.

How does IVF work?

The process of IVF is pretty simple to understand for those who know remember a little of their High School biology. First of all, the mother to be ingests several medication to help the eggs mature and ready to be fertilized. Then, the IVF doctors take those eggs out of the body of the mother and mixes them with a solution containing sperms taken from a father to be. This process is done in a specialized lab. When these eggs are fertilized, they are inserted back into the body of the mother to be, for it to be implanted in the uterus. The rest of the pregnancy commences as natural as it can be.

How long can IVF take?

In reality, IVF is a complex procedure which may take several weeks to several months as well in order to complete. For some lucky individuals, it can even work on the first try but for most it takes more than that.

People often question the morality of the process, given that it is done in a laboratory, however only the parents who have gone through their tough times can understand the value of the IVF process.